The Beginning

My journey began 4 years ago.  I finally left NY to live on the Western Coast; Portland, Oregon, a great transition ping point for those going through transitional periods in their lives.  It was an erratic and yet enlightening educational experience on life.

I reached a point where I yearned for more meaning to my life; this probably happens multiple times over a lifespan.  But I wanted to feel fulfilled rather than drained at the end of a monotonous work day, even to be drained and yet feel fulfilled would have been wonderful. I didn’t have enough time for family, friends or things that I cared to do.  My life orbited around a work life that seemed to perpetually weigh me down.

I left Portland behind to begin a new adventure; to travel abroad.  But how do you support a life of travel?  I am not a woman of wealth.  I work to live.  So I decided that teaching English abroad might be a way of supporting a lifestyle of travel  as well as satisfy the need to have a job that is worth it.  Granted the heydays of ESOL are over, I have hope that everything will work out.

I have learned that like the bluebird I am not a solitary flyer.  But I am lucky enough to have a partner with the same yearnings.  We both left Portland together and enrolled in a CELTA course in New York.  The course was intense and amazing. It definitely confirmed that teaching is what I need to be doing.  And I would recommend the program to anyone looking to get into ESOL teaching or even just to improve on your teaching skills.


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