The New Job

So in the process of looking for volunteer opportunities in which I could practice my Spanish I was offered a job.  I now work as an English teacher a bit outside the center of Cuenca, Ecuador; at a private school with dreams of expanding its curriculum to include mandarin.  I have 3 classes; pre-k level and I will also be teaching computer classes.  The classes are large but they say I will have help.

Class 1: 10, 2 yr olds.

Class 2: 27, 3-4 yr olds.

Class 3: 18, 4-5 yr olds.

Unfortunately, I can’t observe the previous English teacher but I am hoping the students Spanish teachers will fill me in on their routine.

What happened is their previous English teacher had problems with her visa and needed to return to the USA immediately.  So I am taking over for her until I leave Ecuador at the end of June.  The school is 15 minutes outside of Cuenca but I can catch the school bus with the kids.  I will be getting paid a very basic starting wage of $280 per month, If I didn’t have a place to stay already then they would have provided accommodation.  I will work from 8am-12:30pm Monday –Friday and can take 5 vacation days.  Not a dream job but a start.


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