Week One

Well, I wouldn’t recommend taking over for another teacher unless you’ve had previous experience with the age group and are able to observe the teacher you will be replacing.

The school I am working at is in a nice spot in the country, the people are friendly and the children are funny but the adjustment for me is pretty stressful.  I contacted the previous teacher through email and she filled me in on some of what the children were learning.  As they are so young I wanted to continue with her routine but everything I tried with the kids was being rejected.  In my 4-5 yr old class the students boycotted the Hokey Pokey.  I personally hate the hokey pokey too but the previous teacher said this was their favorite song and she would even use it as a reward at the end of class.  But when I mentioned the Hokey Pokey they lined up their chairs facing me and sat there with their arms crossed.  I guess they had gotten really sick of the Hokey Pokey or they are just boycotting having a new teacher.  This class is my most difficult one.

I am finding it super hard to establish control and to introduce my methods of classroom management to 3 classes who already had another system and person they had just gotten used to.   If I had seen the way she dealt with the kids maybe this would be easier.  Or if I had some help…apparently the help I was promised gets to take their break during my class period.  I’m just gonna take it day by day.


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