Breaking the Rules

So day by day the kids are getting used to having a new teacher; although some kids seem hesitant to accept me.  Maybe they are afraid I’ll leave too.  As I’m trying to learn their names and figure out their learning styles and just what they like, they are also trying to figure me out.  Some are even trying to figure out how far they can push the bad behavior.  It is a challenge to have to teach a class totally in English to native Spanish speakers.  I was told my helper would be the disciplinary during my class period but I don’t have any helpers except in the baby class.  So I’m breaking the rules of only speaking in English.  If I am to establish any sort of control I have to use Spanish with these kids.  It seems to be working better, they seem to respect me more now that I use Spanish with them when it is necessary.  I just have to be careful not to mess up my Spanish; walking a thin line here.


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