Gringo Bus

In Cuenca, do take the double decker gringo tour bus.  It is totally worth the “embarrassment” of being a “tourist”.  It is $5 and leaves from the corner of  Mariscal Sucre y Luis Cordero (right in front of the Catedral Vieja). Or if you are lost and can not figure out what times it leaves and from where, just go into ITur which is at the same intersection, they are good help.  Not only do you get to see the whole city and a little bit of surrounding area but it is also a little thrilling as the bus is super high and the electric wires tend to sag really low in certain areas of the city.  So if you’re tall, watch your head!  I even had to duck and I’m as short as any other cuencana.  Oh and the way it works is: you get on the bus, pick a seat (definitely on the top) and once they are ready to go a guy comes around and collects the money and gives you a ticket.  You can not pay in advance and make sure you have cash in small denominations.


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