Bad News

We are still adjusting but now I am told that the school wants us to have an Open House in June.  Apparently the parents are concerned that we are not teaching the English workbooks.  Normally, I would be fine with this but I just started working here and we are still adjusting and I’m still even figuring out how much the kids have learned prior.

It is true the books have not been used much by the teacher before me.  But I think it is asking a bit much of 2-5 yr olds to do homework and assignments from books.  Also, the books we have are too advanced for their ages.  If they had to just color vocabulary images that would be ok but the books have them writing letters and words and the kids aren’t even doing that in their native language.  So I understand why the other teacher didn’t use them much.

However, now I have to get the kids to complete their  2 books  before the Open House and demonstrate to the parents that they know all the units.  This is probably  not going to be fun for me nor the kids and honestly not good for their learning.  If kids are to learn we need to take our time with the units.  Now they want me to cram it down their throats so we can put on a monkey show for the parents in June.  They literally said, “teach them tricks”.  I’m not happy about this at all.

Thankfully, the school hired an English Coordinator.  She’s also a psychologist, which is great because she understands that my transition is hard for me and the kids.  She also has years of experience teaching ESL so she was able to convince the boss lady that the books are way above the kids levels.  Unfortunately, she is getting paid by the school to make this open house happen so the show must go on.  The up-side is she has a lot of books and resources I can reference for ideas.


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