Day by day, week by week

I have been at the school now for a little over a month.  The kids are mellowing out a bit and respecting my authority a little more. Class 2 is still great and I have developed a routine with them and am confident that this class will be ready for the open house.   I have good days and bad days with the babies.  They like to go crazy so sometimes it is hard to get them to sit in a circle or to do anything.   I think having an open house for the babies is a little crazy just because they want it to last for an hour.  The babies can barely put up with a 30 min English class, so a lot of the open house may just be lil babies running around like crazy while I sing songs in English.  Class 3 is getting better.  I really like the kids in this class, they have so much personality and spunk but man they can get wild.  However,  they have been cooperating more.  I  created posters of certain units; a park scene and a neighborhood scene.  I also made foam cut outs of certain vocabulary like animals and buildings that the kids can paste into the scene.  I use this during each of my classes and the kids love putting the characters on the posters.   Day by day we are making progress.


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