A la playa

We had a holiday coming up so I took an extra day off work and we headed to the coast. Instead of taking the bus to Guayaquil we took a commuter van from OperAzuayTur.  I definitely recommend this route.  It cost $12 per person and vans leave every hour from 6am-9pm or something like that.  You should reserve a spot the night before and get there early the day of.  You need identification when you pay and I think they only take cash.  We took the van from Cuenca to Guayaqil and it took maybe 2 hours and was very comfortable, we even made a pee stop right after Cajas.  The van drives right by the bus station in Guayaquil and you could probably ask the driver to drop you off there but we didn’t know where we were exactly so we just went to the drop off point (the office of OperAzuayTur).  It was only like a 3 or 4 block walk to the bus station from the office.  We also ended up taking the van back from Guayaquil to Cuenca.


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