Guayaquil to Montañita/Olon

The Guayaquil bus station is easy enough to navigate, they also have a great website you can check out before you head out.  There is even a supermarket within the station if you need any last minute travel stuff. We bought tickets to Montañita/Olon from LIBERTAD PENINSULAR C.L.P. (or just CLP) because we wanted to get close to the Machalilla National Park area.  CLP offers a direct bus to Montañita/Olon but they have lots of buses with different routes so make sure you get a direct route because it was super fast and comfortable (with A/C and a movie).  Also, before you get on the bus make sure it is the right one; CLP has lots of buses that leave from the same parking spot. Match the number on your receipt (its not on the ticket)  to the number on the front of the bus.  I got on the wrong bus a couple of times thinking my bus was maybe a few minutes early until someone pointed it out to me.  Our tickets cost $5.50 each one way.


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