Ecuador Visa

We arrived in Ecuador on a 90 day tourist visa but by month 2 we knew we wanted to stay longer.  Below is information on how we got our tourist visa 12-IX.

In order to get the visa application in we had to have the letter of solicitude.  If you need help with this I will gladly send you the one I used.

But you have to write exactly how many days you will be in Ecuador, from the date you apply to the date of your return ticket.  For example we wrote 180 days and they made us change it to 120 days.  And of course, it has to be written in Spanish.

You have to have a return ticket receipt with your name on it.

Even though we had a return ticket for March they made us change our tickets in advance to June (without knowing if we’d receive the visa).  Other people have had a different experience and didn’t have to show a return ticket. The ticket does not need to be notarized.

We had to provide a color copy of our passports and the page with the Ecuador stamp. These copies had to be notarized.  If you need help finding a notario in Cuenca I can send you some info.

We needed to print out bank statements and show that we had over $1000.  $1000 is the minimum you can have in your bank account.  They did not accept credit card statements (Although I heard some people had theirs accepted.)  We notarized our bank statements but I had to print out another copy and they told us the bank statements didn’t have to be notarized.

And you need the certificado de movimiento migratorio which you can get at the visa office.  This is the first thing you should do.  It costs $5.

You need to fill out the visa application and have a passport size picture attached.  And pay the $30 application fee in cash if they accept your forms.  Forms can be found here:


The $200 for the visa is paid when you are accepted and register your visa.  They say you can only pay with $20 bills or less.

Make sure you arrive at the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores early.  And try to get it all done on the same day even if you have to keep going back and forth, it is better if they remember your face.  And get the process started 30 days before your 90 day visa expires.


-letter of solicitude (why you want to stay in Ecuador)
-color copies of passport and stamp (notarized)
-certificado de movimiento
-pasaje de returno (return ticket)
-solvencia economica (bank statements showing  $1000)

If you are getting this done in Cuenca and have any questions, please leave a comment.  I’ll try and help out the best I can.

It is an annoying process.


27 thoughts on “Ecuador Visa

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  2. I Love your blog! I’m planning on coming to EC on the 3 month visa, then applying for the 12-IX while in Cuenca. You mentioned in this blog entry that you could help out with the letter of solicitude. Is there someway I can email you in regards to this? Thank you.

      • Will do. I will definitely email you. I’m currently trying to get everything lined (up as far as paperwork is concerned) before I leave the US. Thanks for your help!

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  4. hi im filipina,im reading your post and i want to know if i can extend my stay in Ecuador if i arrived there for 90 days stay?do i have same requirements that i have to submit at their office?thank you.hope to receive answer from you.

    • I am not sure but I think the same would apply for you. You should ask your embassy or if you are already in Ecuador then ask at the office. And if you are in Quito then there is a Philippine Consulate in Quito @ La Tolita N26-478 y Av. De los Conquistadores Guápulo, or try this email (
      If I can’t find any help sometimes I ask on this forum: people are pretty helpful at this site. Good luck! wish I knew more to help!

      • Hi thank you for the quick reply.I have been contacting Ecuador Embassy here in Philippines, i calling and emailing them but i never get a right answer,its like the lady there wasnt sure about what she have told me.Actually my BF is already in Cuenca and he want me to gather all the requirements i need to stay longer than 90 days before arriving in Ecuador.i will try to ask to the forum and i will send email to the email add. you gave me.thank you so much and you are a big help

  5. Hi there

    Could you please send me a copy of your letter of solicitude to the email address listed? Thank you so much in advance. It would be massivly appreciated.

  6. i sent you an email, but just in case posting here as well. Please send me a copy of your letter of solicitude. Thanks in advance.

  7. Thank you so much for this post! I am currently going through this process and your blog is very helpful. Would you be able to send me your letter of solicitude? I am having trouble writing it. Thank you!

  8. I’m a writer from Swallowcliffe, Great Britain just sent this onto a colleague who is running some sort of research on this. And she actually ordered me lunch simply because I came across it for her… lol. Actually, allow me to paraphrase this…. Thanks for the meal… But yeah, thanks for taking some time to discuss this matter here on your blog.

  9. Glad to have helped. Hope you enjoyed the lunch! Visa rules are always changing but I wish I had more insight into the process before getting into it; it makes me happy to hear people are finding the information. If your friend has any questions she can always shoot me an email.

  10. I’m helping a friend who wants to apply for a 12-IX visa and I’d really appreciate it if you could email me a copy of the solicitude.

    Also, is it possible to apply for this visa in Cuenca!
    Many thanks for the post!!

    • You can apply for this visa in Cuenca at the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores building, on the ground floor of Edificio Astudillo on Ordonez Lasso, two blocks west of Avenida de las Americas. That’s what I did. I’ll send you the solicitude I used.

  11. this is so much help. would you mind sending me a copy of the letter of solicitude?

    my husband and I will be applying for visas in a couple of months, once we are already in Cuenca. I’ve read on other sites that the items you’ve listed have to be apostiled. Did you have to do that?

    Thanks again for sharing all your experience.

    • Hi vanessa, I would look into the apostille info a bit more, I didn’t need it but it has been over a year since I last applied for a renewal. The process is always changing and I’m not up to date. But I’ll send you the solicitude along with some more info that I hope will help.

  12. Hi, Would you be willing to send me a copy of your Letter of Solicitude? I am trying to write one right now (I am also moving from Portland to Ecuador!!!) 🙂 Thanks

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