I wish we didn’t have this open house coming up because having  to meet certain expectations for this show  is really  killing my teaching style.  I noticed that when I started the kids were learning a lot from making crafts and coloring vocabulary. The kids even admitted that all they want to do is color like any other 3-5 yr old.  They would still learn vocabulary and have fun but I can’t really have them color for the open house so I have to continue with the routines but at the same time I have to come up with different ways of making the same thing (unit) interesting.   It’s definitely keeping me busy during  and after school.  I guess even though it is stressful, I am learning a lot and developing new teaching techniques.

Tomorrow we have a run through for the open house; one of my classes is definitely ready but the other 2 have been hard to manage so tomorrow may be crazy.  We’ll see what the boss has to say.


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