And sick :(

Anyway, if you are sick and waiting things out til the doctor’s visit, these are some medicines that have been super helpful for me while in Cuenca:

Alercet D (Cetirizina 2HCI 5 mg + Pseudoefefrina Sulfato 120 mg) = it is like Sudafed, so if you are having nasal drip or some kind of sinus problems even allergy related this works pretty well.

Sinutab Plus= is another sinus congestion reliever, like a Tylenol cold/flu pill

Ibuprofeno= you can find Ibuprofen in all sorts of high doses, super helpful

My favorite: Arkovox Jarabe= if you have maybe a lung infection or just some mucus in your lungs this is a great natural expectorant that will also soothe your throat.  It is all natural (as far as I know) it is bee salvation! made from honey, resin, wax, pollen, etc.  This is what the company has to say about it through my bad translation:

“The use of this substance as an antiseptic dates back 2,300 years ago. When the nectar and pollen are still abundant, bees collect these substances from the bark of the trees to harden the inner walls of the hive. In this way, they repair the breaches and, above all, protect their ‘home’ from dangerous intruders and germs (bacteria, fungi).”  Sick!, right?

Basically, if you have a horrible cough and it is killing your throat then get this stuff because the eucalyptus and honey really coat and soothe the throat like no cough drop could do.

Also keep up on your vitamins.  Some are hard to find here and you can only find B12 in liquid form and vitamin C in chewable form but it is worth it.  Research your multi vitamins as they don’t always include essentials.  However, you can find a good affordable multi vitamin here.

Since I am working with kids I expect I’ll catch a few colds so as I discover more medicine I’ll keep updating.

Please, feel free to leave comments about some remedies you’ve discovered.


3 thoughts on “And sick :(

  1. Also, you should be able to find all of these as over-the-counter. but if you don’t see them on the shelves don’t be afraid to ask for them. A lot of the time the good stuff is in the back room. One time I just walked into the farmacia and told the guy my symptoms and he grabbed the good stuff out of the back room for me. Don’t hold back.

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