Tame Office

Today I went to the Tame office (Florencia Astudillo 2-22) it is right by the Millennium Plaza, across the street from Banco Bolivariano.  I was in and out in minutes.

Usually we just go to the airport in Cuenca and shop around for tickets to wherever we are going since all the airlines have an office in the airport.  But I didn’t want to take the bus all the way there and back.  So I did my research online and found out that Tame had the best prices for the time I wanted (I’m heading to Quito in June).  Try to book your flights super early as they are usually cheaper that way.  Since I was purchasing my tickets only less than a month in advance the prices were already up to $50-60.  But if you wait even longer they get up to $100 even more depending on the month.  We looked for tickets to Quito back in April a week before we wanted to leave and prices for 2 were around $1200 (we ended up taking a different trip).  So don’t procrastinate and book you tickets early if you’re dead set against busing it.

In the end it would have been cheaper to bus it to Quito but that’s a 10-12 hour ride and I really wasn’t looking forward to lugging my suitcases all over.  Totally do-able but I splurged for a lil luxury this time.


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