I absolutely love the kids I work with, even the trouble makers.  They’re all good kids, full of so much life and love, and just want to have fun.  This is my third month at the school, I think the kids are finally ok with having a new teacher; they have accepted me, it only took 3 months.  So now I have their attention (for the most part).  I can now teach them the very disciplined way the school wants me to teach them during this time crunch to the open house.

If you are ever faced with a situation like mine; joining a school more than halfway through the year with tons of unknowns and hesitation from the students, take heart there is hope.  Although it is a struggle, the children open up more with time.  It has been hard for me because the school is demanding impossibilities; because the children just aren’t able to handle the changes as fast as the administration would like.

Don’t give up.  There are a lot of schools out there that won’t care as much about the students as you will.  You develop a relationship with your students they come to trust you, and if you leave them mid-year it is very hard for them to accept someone new, to trust someone new.  But if you are that new person, don’t give up on them; they are only hesitant because they are scared of losing you too.

Teach what you can, even if the administration is making ridiculous demands of you.  And I must say rewards are a huge help.  I stayed away from using candy as a reward for good behavior, even though all the teachers were doing this.  It worked fine without it in one of my classes but in the other two I must say candy as a reward is miraculous.  But use it sparingly.  In one class I have a board with all the students’ names and the days of the week.  If a student is good during my class they get a star for the day, if they are bad no star.  On Friday the students with stars all week will receive a candy.  It works more or less.  One tip tho if you make a poster like this use their pictures next to their names or they won’t understand it at this age level (2-5).

Anyway, I was supposed to have my “dress rehearsal” for open house today (rescheduled from last week), but it didn’t happen.  The administration didn’t show again.  I feel I shouldn’t have to remind them the day of, especially since they kept mentioning it during the week.  The kids were great today anyway, so I think we’re doing ok even without the help and critique.

I wish all schools, the admins etc. cared more about their students and teachers or rather  just showed it by paying more attention, visiting classes, had more one on ones with students and teachers.  If the higher ups were more of an active presence then it would be a greater learning environment.  And no one would care how shitty they are getting paid…well maybe.


2 thoughts on “Ranting…

  1. Hi!
    I was just offered a job teaching at the AA school, and I found your blog, by chance, through google searches. I’d love to speak to you about the school, the city, and your teaching experiences. The blog was a great resource to read a little about the visa process and the AA school. I do have some questions so I’m leaving my email address with this comment. I’d really appreciate it if I we could speak soon!
    Thanks and keep blogging!

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