The Ultimate Cough Syrup

An update to my first medicine post.

Whether you have a dry cough or a wet cough with flem in your lungs you should pick up Flemex J.A.T or Flemex Forte (for adults) in Jarabe form (syrup).  It’s not natural like Arkovox but it will fix you up quick.  In it you’ll find Codeine and Pseudoephedrine and some other stuff that is probably bad for you in the long run.  But it works.  Take 1-2 tsp. every 8 hours and you’ll be on the road to wellness.


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cough Syrup

  1. Yeah man, that Flemex will cure you. Found it several years ago when a pharmacist in Quito recommended it. Normally, I need the really high octane prescription stuff in the US. Now, whenever family members come up here I beg them for a few bottles. When my late husband would get a cough, he would take it, leaving me with none. I finally started hiding it.

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