If you rent an apartment or own one here in Cuenca then most likely you’ve had to buy a tank of gas from the guys who slowly drive around your neighborhood beeping rapidly at 6AM.  Everyone has gas powered stoves and hot water.  The only electricity you pay for is your lights.  I don’t think anyone has heating here unless they found an electric heater somewhere.

Anyway, if you need gas there are two companies that sell it.  One has yellow tanks the other white tanks; I forget which one is which just because it doesn’t matter in my neighborhood.  Some neighborhoods stick to one company so the guy that comes around in the truck may only have white tanks and if you happen to have bought a yellow tank he won’t switch tanks with you.  In my neighborhood it doesn’t matter and they’ll take either tank, the gas is the same and so is the price.

$40-50 for a tank.  $2-$2.50 to refill the tank.

If you can never seem to flag down the gas man, you can always call them on the phone and they will make a delivery.  The nozzle is a little hard to get on sometimes so I usually ask the guy to hook it up for me; wouldn’t want the place blowing up when someone goes out for a smoke.


2 thoughts on “Gas

    • Hahaha yes, I usually have them hook up the first tank but I leave the second tank unhooked so when i run out of gas I know how much time I have to buy another refill. And this one I have to hook up myself, although I’m quite intimidated by it.

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