Dos Chorreras

If you get hungry hiking around Cajas, you can backtrack down the road and check out Dos Chorreras.  It is a bit pricey but the food is delicious. Not many vegetarian options unless you eat fish but there is always soup and salad.  Upstairs the ambiance is really cool as the lodge is built right into the mountain.

When it is raining the water trickles in along the rocks and you feel like you are eating outside by a stream.

Dos Chorreras is also a lodge; the rooms are beautiful but run from $50-$250.  They also offer a few activities like horseback riding, fishing and kayaking,  for an added cost of course.

Hosteria Dos Chorreras


One thought on “Dos Chorreras

  1. it looks beautiful, I did look for a menu but couldn’t find one. The soup looked nice though. I always gripe about referring to vegetarians who eat fish. They are not, as I am sure you know. They are pescatarian (spl?). Or non-meat eaters. Or whateever.

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