Eucalyptus Relief

There are eucalyptus trees everywhere!  Apparently they were brought to Ecuador after many of the pine trees became scarce but now they are all over.  I’m loving it because we both have lagging colds and the eucalyptus is very soothing.

I boil a little water and then pluck a few leaves off (maybe 15+), add them to the water and cover for a bit.   Then I turn off the stove and breathe in the minty steam; it smells like Vicks Vapor Rub and has the same effect.

Some people also like to take it into the bath with them.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a bath so I hung some in the shower and with the steam from the hot water it worked pretty good.  Next time I may put a few leaves in a meshy bag and hang it under the faucet and see how that works.  If you have Eucalyptus trees near you, try it!


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