Rayos X y Examenes de Sangre

So I went to the doctor finally.  In fact, I went to the Hospital Universitario Del Rio which according to many locals is the best hospital in town.  I thought it was great, it is new and clean and reminded me a little of my favorite Portland Hospital; Providence.

I went here because I know one of the doctors, so he helped me cut corners a bit.  But without him it would have been easy for anyone to navigate and get an appointment; It seemed like everyone was a drop-in.  You can always go to a clinic if you are sick and they are really affordable but my cough was a month old so…

I had an x-ray done of my chest (thorax), blood work, and had another doctor check me out since the lung specialist was on vacation.  Luckily, it turned out the worst of my sickness was over and I just had some minor bronchial inflammation left over.  But the reason I still have a cough is because of allergies!  So I have to quit all my eucalyptus remedies just because that may irritate it some more and start taking allergy meds like Alercet D.

So always go get checked out!  Don’t be intimidated of going to the hospital, they are great here.


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