Visit Ingapirca

You will find these ruins in the Cañar Province of Ecuador, about 2 hours from Cuenca.  Ingapirca is the largest known Incan ruins found in Ecuador; I’m sure not as impressive as Machu Picchu but interesting nonetheless.  The guides at Ingapirca are very knowledgeable but if you are a Spanish beginner you may want to bring someone who can translate.

The Incans were not the only inhabitants of this place, there were also the Cañari people.  So the history and construction of the site is quite interesting and varies depending on who built it or who lived or worked in each building. For instance, the walls surrounding where the market would be, the cracks of these walls are filled with mud and dung.  But the Temple del Sol, which was built for Huayna Capac was built with large stones and nothing was used to fill the cracks, in fact there are no cracks because they assembled them perfectly (like our guide said it is a rompecabezas).  This stone also has traces of copper in it so it gives off a different color; these stones may have even been brought all the way from Quito.  I would get more into details but I’ll leave that to your guide!

For foreigners  it costs $6.00, otherwise it is $2.  There is also a museum which displays many different artifacts found on site.  And if you are up for a short hike you can see some interesting natural formations like this one.


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