Censo Card

So once you have received and registered (paid $200) for your Ecuador Visa 12-IX you are required to get a Censo ID card which cost $4 and can be acquired at Av. Gran Colombia y Eduardo Muñoz (on the street behind Banco del Pacifico) in Cuenca. It is a white building on Eduardo Muñoz open from 8Am-12pm, 3-6pm M-F. It is just a few blocks away from the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, where you apply for your visa.

Right now in Cuenca there is a lack of Censos.  I don’t know why they don’t have the means to make censos but it is impossible to obtain one in Cuenca right now.  For the past 4 months I have been trying to get a censo but they are all out and apparently they have no idea when they will get them in.  I am suppose to go back to the USA in 3 weeks and I am worried I may run into problems in Quito without a censo.  So since I can’t find any information online about people going through the same problem, I will post my experience over the next few weeks.

On Monday I tired to get some answers from the immigration cops.  Unfortunately, they weren’t much help.  They told me that the president issued a statement that said all  foreigners don’t need a censo right now; but I don’t trust this.  From my experience I know I’ll arrive in Quito without a censo and have to pay a large fee.  I explained all of my fears to the cops but they said there won’t be a problem.  I asked them to write me a letter stating that I have tried continually to get a censo but with no avail etc. etc.  They refused.

Later that day I had a friend call and express my same fears but in better Spanish of course.  They told us to have the cops write up a letter with the date of my departure saying it is ok that I don’t have a censo.  So I will be making another trip out to La Avenida de las Americas for the letter that they refused to write for me the other day.

Gotta love the blasé bureaucratic  bullcrap.  Updates soon to come.

If you have information regarding this recent censo disappearance please share you experience!


6 thoughts on “Censo Card

  1. I just picked up my passport today in Guayaquil after registering my 180 day Visa, and asked about the Censo card, and was told I do not need one, that the President has changed the rules. All I need is my passport. I was with my lawyers assistant and it confirmed what she had heard also. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi, I was browsing around because I was just told the same thing today at the censo office in Quito (that the president declared the censo as unnecessary as of June 4) and also couldn’t believe my ears. Thanks for the confirmation.

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