ImageGovinda’s is a Hare Krishna restaurant in Cuenca, Ecuador and a great place to eat good vegetarian food for super cheap. If you walk in and get on line at the counter you’ll receive a $2.50 lunch special which includes soup, a main course with rice, veggies, salad and juice.  And you can pick and choose what you want on your plate.  Sometimes the main course is menestra, sometimes a curry but it is always good and you can’t beat all that food for just $2.50.  I always leave over-full.

Or if you aren’t in the mood for the special you can grab a menu which offers an array of vegetarian eats like a lentil or gluten/soy burger with fries, personal pizzas, other soy/gluten dishes, pastas, salads etc.  The menu is a little more pricey but not outrageous.

If you sit upstairs then check out the balcony; it only has 2 small tables but it’s a nice place to sit especially if the incense is going strong that day.

And you pay after you eat, at the counter but be prepared to wait in a long line because it is also the same line for the people ordering the lunch special.  It can get pretty busy during the lunch rush but the line moves pretty quickly.  Govinda’s can be found practically on the corner of Juan Jaramillo y Borrero (right by the bus stop), check them out.


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