Corpus Christi

The Corpus Christi celebrations have been going on for weeks, well maybe 2 weeks and may linger on for a few more.  In Cuenca’s Parque Calderon the sidewalks are lined with sweetie stands.  During the day you can find all sorts of chocolates, coconut macaroons, doughnuts, lollypops, and a plethora of other sweets.  And when night falls firework castillos are set up and venders line the streets with games and empanadas, meats and all sorts of other things for sale; it is kind of like a carnival without the rides.  What kicks off the festivities is the procession at the end of Mass, the bishop carries the communion or body of Christ around Parque Calderon and everyone follows in adoration.   Usually, Corpus Christi starts the first or second week of June and lasts 7 days but each year it keeps lingering on longer.  It is a fun family event to enjoy in Cuenca, you should check it out.


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