Open House

We had our English Open House today, finally!  Since it was on a Saturday, not that many students showed up but it was still a good show.  My babies class didn’t run like our normal classes; all the kids were super shy and hesitant to participate but a few of them got into it, they just didn’t sing along like they normally do but we got a couple laughs out of the parents.

My 3 year olds were wonderful, all dressed in super cute outfits and all participated and sang loud and clear, probably my best class.  And my 4 year olds were great too; I was a little worried at first because only a handful showed up but they all knew the vocabulary and sang along and had a good time.  Some of them wanted to joke around and hold up the wrong color etc. but overall it was successful.  I made some little gifts for them and handed them out at the end, mostly flashcard booklets or bookmarks and lollypops, which got me a group hug in the end.  I am really going to miss these little ones.

And after all the hard work it was definitely worth it to help this school out.  The teachers and aides are wonderful women who have a tough job but their students have grown into well behaved little learning machines.  And I think once the school gets through some of their growing pains that inevitably come with a new school, then they will be well on their way to teaching Mandarin, English and Spanish in a nice little environment.  I hope they succeed.



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