Good Affinity

Here is another vegetarian joint in Cuenca, with a nice little seating area outside.  They offer the same kind of buffet style lunch special that many other restaurants offer but it is all vegetarian (entrée, soup, salad, juice) for $2 +.  You can also order off the menu which is hanging right above the buffet line and it is all really good and filling.  If you can’t seem to find any health food stores that sell gluten or carne de soya, you can buy some here and on a rare occasion they may even sell you some tofu.  Otherwise you can usually find soy curls on the shelves at Supermaxi. 

Good Affinity can be found at 1-89 Gran Colombia on the corner of Capulies.  So if you get hungry while dealing with your visa issues or censo dealings then head on down past La Avenida de Las Americas and check this place out, it is across the street from el Banco del Pacifico.


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