Printing/ Cabinas

If you are in the city center near Parque Calderon and you need to make a phone call or use the internet then MaxNet is the closest reliable cabina; it is on Benigno Malo close to Presidente Cordova.  They are almost always open, even on some holidays.  They never try to get more money out of you; their prices are listed on the window.  Sometimes the last phone booth doesn’t have the best connection but I’ve found that the MaxNet phones have a better connection than most places.  You can make color copies here too but if you need to make a ton of copies then head over to the printers sector of the city which is around Tarqui  y Gaspar Sangurima.

In this neighborhood you can find places that make black and white copies for 1 cent.  We had been looking all over town for some spanish workbooks/texts to practice with but couldn’t find any.  So we downloaded a couple of spanish books, printed them out and asked for them to be spiral-bound.  The books ended up costing much less than buying them would have.  Some of these places have large scanners too so you can make big prints too.

Feel free to share your printers or cabinas of choice.


2 thoughts on “Printing/ Cabinas

  1. I am surprised by the range of costs for making international calls. One place charges 8 cents a minute while another 20 cents a minute. And despite being in an enclosed cabina, it is sometimes really hard to hear because of the cars on the street. I am glad I am able to use Skype now in my apartment.

    Yeah, it is seems that copying of textbooks is big business. They sometimes have them on display for purchase. I have been keeping my eyes open for one on history and or government of Ecuador.

  2. One time I had to make a call at the immigration offices (out of desperation), it cost me 50 cents a minute. But I think the meter was broken because every second that past ended up costing 50 cents. It was ridiculous.
    We were also on the hunt for History of Ecuador texts. We couldn’t find much in our level of spanish, but we found a couple. I’ll gather the names and make another comment.

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