NY Veggie Update

If you are visiting the outskirts of NYC, just a bit more upstate it can get a little tricky finding some mostly vegetarian menus.  For the most part you can get by with a salad here and there but if you find yourself near Pine Bush in Orange/Ulster County NY then check out Pure City.  Although the main courses may seem quite expensive, the portions are pretty big.

And don’t leave without trying the vegan cheesecake with raspberry sauce, it is amazing.

Ulster County near the towns of New Paltz and Poughkeepsie also has more of a variety of vegetarian restaurants;  One of my favorites being Lemongrass down the main street in New Paltz.  As a college student living in New Paltz, my roomates and I loved using FastLane; which I could see being beneficial to travelers with no car who just want to stay in for the night.  Check it out!

And if you are further south in Orange County, the town of Warwick has a great café called The Tuscan which offers a variety of super awesome wraps, salads, and sammies for vegetarians.  I honestly can’t get enough of their buffalo tofu wrap, and stop in whenever I’m in town.

Feel free to share your NY restaurant suggestions, meat and veggie alike in the comments below!


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