Arrived in Madrid- Barajas Aeropuerto.  It is nice, clean and has a fairly straight forward layout.  Well, we’ll see what I have to say when we’re leaving Madrid but it was easy to navigate.  Unfortunately, no free WIFI but if you are desperate you can pay 5+ euros for it.

Although everyone says don’t take a taxi from the airport because it is too expensive, I say do it.  It cost us 30 euros to the city center and we didn’t have to lug our bags around all delirious and jet lagged.  Although other methods are cheaper, if you have 2 suitcases (big or small) take a cab.  Depending on where you’re going, some of Madrid’s metro stations don’t have elevators/escalators or ramps so you may find yourself lugging a big suitcase up a long set of stairs.  If you are set on doing it you may want to map out your course.  And if you have no luggage or just a backpack then definitely use public transportation, it’s simple, cheaper and fast.


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