Living in Lavapiés, taking part in the 2 week long Tapapiés was unavoidable.  This was the second year that many of the local bars showcased their best tappas for  €1  or a caña (small draft beer) and tappas for €2.

As vegetarians, going out for tappas brings little excitement as most are served with ham or some type of meat inside.  However, Tapapiés was just what we needed to size up our options.  You get a map of all the participating bars and what tappas they are offering.  You can pick up these maps at any of the participating bars or follow online.  There were more participants this year than last so we lucked out with about 7 options out of 47 (more if you eat fish).  It was great because each bar had a different vibe to it.

The first bar was blasting Britney Spears American Pop songs which didn’t seem to match the ambiance nor clientele at all but their hummus tappa was ok even though it wasn’t listed on the map.

The wine bar Alma Café was more relaxed with a mid 30s + crowd.  Their Canasta Griega tappa was real good but the best part was the lil old grandma cooking them in the back.

We tried a few more but the one I loved was the Cono Alabanda from the bar Alabanda.  It was a delicious pastery puff cone with vegetables, goat cheese, white truffle oil and a little side of mashed potato and pumpkin.

And since we couldn’t sample all the bars we didn’t spend too much money.  Although 2 euros for a sample and a tiny beer can really add up when you’re bar hopping.  If you are in Madrid near the end of October this is a must.  And if you are new to the neighborhood it is a great excuse to scope out the bar scenes in your area all in one night.


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