Time Flies

I can’t believe it is the end of October already and I’ve  been at my new school for one month, time flies.   I am working in Getafe as an auxiliare de conversacion, or rather as an assistant teacher.  And as usual it has been a mini roller coaster ride; one day you’re up, one day you’re down and at moments you think to yourself “what the fuck did I get myself into”.  But time passes, you adapt to your new surroundings and things progress. Así es la vida.

Each morning I take the Cercanias out to Getafe but not Getafe Centro (which seems like a pretty happening sub city) but out to sector 3 or the middle of nowhere.

I am sure that living in Getafe Centro is pretty great, it seems like a mixture of sections of Brooklyn, NY but I haven’t explored it too much yet.  Sector 3 on the other hand is pure suburbia o menos.  It used to be mostly farmland and it is still holding on in some areas but where I get off the Cercanias it looks like a desert valley.

And when the train announces in a computer  babe voice we’ve arrived at “Sector Tres” and half asleep I step out onto the platform to a pink and purple sky, each morning it’s like I’m entering the twilight zone.

I actually love it,  I just wish the commute was shorter because if I miss the bus from the Cercanias to my school then I have to walk 15 minutes along a bit of highway, which is never fun in the cold windy weather we are having now.


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