Spain Student Visa Part 2 (In Madrid)

Once you have your Student Visa and are in Spain you can now legally start the process of extending your stay for 6 more months.  To do this you have to apply for your NIE number which is your foreigner’s identification number.

Since I am working with the Comunidad De Madrid as an Auxiliar de Conversación, I didn’t have to make my own appointment for my first visit; instead I went with a group of auxiliaries and a representative from the program when they emailed us our appointment date.  It was a long process and I was there for about 6 hours but in the end everything worked out.

These are the documents you need for your appointment:

-A solicitude or application form.  Which one you use depends on your situation but in most cases you use the EX-18 form.

-The Justificante de la tasa pagada (Modelo 790, código 012).  This is a form that you fill out and take to the bank to pay for your identification card.  It cost me about 15 euros; part of this form is your recipt of payment that you will take to your appointment.  The TASA can be obtained at the closest Oficina de Extranjeros or Comisaría de Policía; if you are an auxiliary then you will receive one at your first orientation.

Passport.  Bring the original and a photocopy of your main passport page and the entry stamp page.   I always make color photocopies to avoid any problems.

-Certificado de Empadronamiento.  This is a census record that you can obtain at your closest Ayuntamiento.  Registering on the empadronamiento places a resident of a town on the list of local inhabitants and is mandatory if you are staying over 6 months.  First make an appointment at the OAC in your district. You can even do this online; click “pedir cita previa“, on the next page under “Tipo de servicio” select “atención al ciudadano“, under “Gestión” select “Padron“, under “Oficina” select the office in the district where you live and finally select an available date. At this appointment bring your original lease or rental agreement.  If you are living with a group of people and aren’t on a lease then ask someone who is on the lease to come to the appointment with you because they will have to sign a form for you.  You both must bring a copy of your passport or NIE and the origional documents.  The place I went to on Calle Atocha is set up very much like the DMV but you should be out of there in no time.  Here is the application form you will need for that appointment.

-If you are in the Auxiliares de Conversación Program you will also need 2 copies of your Carta de Nombramiento, this is your placement letter.  This letter states why you are in Spain and shows proof of financial means.  If you are in another program or have a job contract you need to show a written communication of the reasons you are in spain (work, study,leisure) and justify this request with a contract of some sort.

-Bring a copy of your health insurance card and the original.  Some Auxiliares de Conversación hadn’t received their cards in time for the appointment and they let this slide because the Carta de Nombramiento states that we will have health insurance throughout the program.

-Bring 3 passport size photos.  They will be used for your TIE  identification card.

Once you have all these required documents, make an appointment for your NIE here.

The first dropdown box is for your region.  So if you live in Madrid choose “Madrid” region.  In the second dropdown box choose the right option according to your case:

 -For Students select “Autorización Estancia Inicial Estudios”

 –EU citizens select “CERTIFICADOS UE

 -And if you want information before you make your real appointment then select  “INFORMATION”

You will need to bring proof of this appointment with you so print out your reference number.

Go to the appointment at least one hour in advance as the lines are always super long.  Ask the people in line “Quien es la ultima?” and they’ll let you know who is the last person in line as it may be chaotic and people may be sitting in places out of order.

Try to speak some spanish at your appointment as they will appreciate it.  If you can’t understand any spanish you should bring someone with you who does because problems always arise.

After they collect all your documents and enter your data you will need to get into the line for fingerprinting (so don’t leave!), they should point you in the right direction.

Then you are finally done and in 30-90 days you can pick up your fancy TIE card with your NIE number on it!

Buena Suerte!


5 thoughts on “Spain Student Visa Part 2 (In Madrid)

  1. I have a student visa and i’m staying in spain more than 6 months. They gave me a 90 days visa. They told me to get my NIE in spain and everything will be fine. Once i get my nie, can i stay in spain more than 90 days now?

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