Today was a good day.

I met up with a friend of mine in Puerta Del Sol at the typical meeting spot, “the bear and the madroño tree”.  It was a nice crisp day but luckily the rain stopped lingering and the sun came out for a bit.  It was a perfect day for a walk so we headed toward Malasaña in search of some real coffee.

On the way there the greatest thing happened;  I saw Juanra Bonet!juanra  If you aren’t familiar, he now hosts a  lil’ gameshow called “Lo sabe, No lo sabe” and a guilty pleasure of mine.  It’s a great lil’ concurso where the contestant doesn’t have to answer any questions but they have to seek out people from the surrounding crowds to answer the questions for them.  In order to win money they have to seek out people who either will know the answer or won’t know the answer.  It’s super entertaining and I’m surprised it hasn’t been picked up in the US.  But really the host is just great.  He’s super funny, quite adorable and just real good at winging the improv.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get picked for the concurso but I’m probably somewhere in the background of this episode!  I give it a half slash off my bucket list.

You’d be suprised how close a walking distance everything is in Madrid.  We got to Malasaña in no time at all.  And found a small lil’ hole in the wall café called “Toma Café” which made me feel like I was back in Portland, OR.  There was a cool thrown together vibe about the place with bikes hanging, a handlebar doorknob,  potato sacks as seats and a bit of an old antique-y vibe about it.  Anyway, it was a cool, young hang-out and it made me feel a bit at home.  Not to mention the coffee was well worth the trip.


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