Off to Italia

Here we go.  We downloaded a couple Italian apps and are heading to the Alps for xmas on a bit of a whim;  We’re super excited.  First we fly into Milan, well Bergamo (its Rynair, they don’t usually fly into big airports)  then we hop a train to Trento.   What happens is you take a bus from the airport to the train station.

I’m posting this part after the fact because well, I just haven’t had time for much with all our movements.  Anyway, you can buy your train tickets from a machine or a teller.  We chose teller since we were winging it and had time.  But brush up on some Italian before attempting this although you could get by fine with just Spanish and it doesn’t hurt to look into some train transfers before you show up.

We ended up getting a train to Verona and then transferred from one to Trento, regional and super affordable about  €20 a person total.  Don’t forget to validate your ticket in the yellow punch box near the ticket window or stairwells.  If you don’t validate your ticket you could get a fine.  We lucked out,  it was a rush to catch our train so of course we forgot to validate.  At the last stop we got checked by the engineer.  Luckily we had wrote the time we should have punched in and signed it on the back of the ticket; he saw this and saw we were obviously dumb tourists and said we better punch in at the next stop Verano.  So if you forget then play dumb and do what we did (otherwise it is a €200+ fine) but we lucked out with the friendly cool looking ticket master.  We punched in at Verano and had no problem the rest of the way.


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