ecocentroWhen I first arrived in Madrid I was faced with jamón, jamón, jamón.  Even vegetarian dishes would arrive with jamón splayed all over or bacon sprinkled on top, or tuna hidden in the dish.  It was impossible to eat out as a vegetarian without knowing the ropes.  Then I stumbled across Ecocentro and was pleasantly surprised to find super fresh greens, salads, veggies, everything you could ask for.  The catch was that you pay per pound so it can add up if you aren’t careful.  All in all the food is good, the service is buffet style so quick, and if you haven’t found a local affordable health food store near you yet then you can find some hard to find items in their market around the corner (but also super pricey).eco

The best place I have found so far, pricewise etc. is Planeta Vegano in Lavapies. What are some of your good health food/vegetarian finds in Madrid?


2 thoughts on “Ecocentro

  1. Have you been to Viva la Vida yet? There are two locations (or at least there were 2 in 2009 when I lived there.) One not far from Sol and the other near La Latina–I think. It was Vegetarian buffet style where you put everything you wanted on a plate and paid according to the weight. I’m thinking of applying for the Auxiliares program for 2014 and I’m looking forward to seeing what other veg friendly places have popped up within the last 5 years. I miss Madrid!

    • I think the one in La Latina is still there because it recently was recommended and now i have to try it! Thanks for the tip. Slowly but surely places keep popping up, one of these days I’ll have to compile a list to post. It is great we have some options. My ol standby for quick cheap veg bar food is Bar Kunin which is now called la oveja negra but same cook same ol good grub. Hope all works out in 14′ for you!

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