Ugh, what a day…

Of course I forgot all of my Trinity Exam prep notes at home this morning; it is the first day of exam practice with 4th grade.  Surprisingly, it went just fine without all my notes, mostly because Ronald has been prepping the students for this moment since the first day of school.

The day took an unexpected turn when I entered 3rd grade and found out the teacher wouldn’t be coming in for the rest of the week.  I don’t often have 3rd grade for English class (just Science) and when I do the teacher usually tells me what they have been studying and then gives me 1 or 2 minutes to think up a lesson based on their textbook.  But today I didn’t have the teacher there to tell me what topics they have been learning.  And like many (but not all) teachers here there were no lesson plans or notes left for the lucky fill-in teacher.

The first class went ok.  The students were very helpful and organized so in the end we found the right unit and had a great lesson with only a few disruptions throughout the class.  But after lunch the 2nd half of the 3rd grade class was incredibly rowdy and behind on the topic; so I had a hard time getting a handle on things.  I suppose I was a bit nervous because I had 2 student teachers who were monitoring the class.  I wanted to explain to them that this isn’t usually my class etc. in Spanish but I couldn’t say anything in front of the kids.  The lesson was probably crap because I spent most of the time trying to keep order.  As much as these kinds of days get me down it is good to have them to keep you fresh and to remember that teaching is tough when it comes to discipline and order.  As an assistant I always have someone to back me up on classroom discipline (well, most often).  But it is always good to stay fresh on classroom management and maybe have an arsenal of games and other activities for days of chaos.

Maybe next time I’ll let the monitor teach the class.


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