Renewing as an Auxiliar de Conversacion

Profex was a pain in the ass the first time round but it is time to have at it again!

Before you tackle the problematic workings of Profex again make sure you have all the necessary documents.

Documents you need:

-Letter of Motivation.  This is your letter of intent explaining why you think you’re school/ the program should renew your position in the Auxiliares de Conversacion Program.

-Informe Del Centro.  This is a form you need to print out.  The director of your school needs to fill this form out, it serves as your letter of recommendation.

-Solicitude De Prorroga.  This is a form to be printed out that contains the information of the school you work at and your mailing information.  If you are renewing in the same school I suggest using the mailing address of your school for this form because you may not have the same apt. mailing address next year and this is the address they will send your TIE appointment date to.

After you have these documents you can start the renewal process on Profex.

After you finish, print out the final page or Solicitud de la aplicacion Profex o del British Council with all your info data and hand all these documents in to your director (make copies for yourself).  Make sure you have signed everything.  Then your director (if they have the instructions) will send it to :

If you are renewing at the same school:

Auxiliares de Conversacion de la Comunidad de Madrid

Consejera de Educacion, Juventud y Deporte

Subdireccion General de Programas de Innovacion

c/Gran Via 20 4ª Planta

28012 Madrid

If you are renewing but hope to be placed at a different level school:

Programa de Auxiliares de Conversacion Extranjeros

(A la atención de Javier Mendez[extracomunitarios] o victoria Hernandez[comunitarios], despacho 524)

Minestario de Educacion, Cultura y Deporte – Subdireccion General de Promocion Exterior Educativa.

Praseo del Prado, 28. 5ª planta

28014 Madrid

 Good luck with the process.  Make sure you re-read everything as the Profex site can be glitchy.  This year’s deadline for renewals was open from February 1-28th 2013 if you wanted to be placed at the same school.  If you wanted to take a chance and be placed in an institute vs. primary then you could reapply up until the 2nd of April 2013 but your place wouldn’t be guaranteed. Choose wisely.  In the past people have elected for the same school but have fought to change their schools later in the game.  This is possible but it is a hard fight.  If you want to switch from Institute to Primary or vice versa, this is possible on profex but I’m not sure how it works out in the end.


2 thoughts on “Renewing as an Auxiliar de Conversacion

  1. Update: I applied for my 3rd year as an auxiliar in a new region and it is totally possible and simple. Follow the rules as if you were renewing for a 2nd year and it will pan out just fine. remember that names and addresses can change so check-in here to see if the process has been updated.

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