Private Lessons

Taking Spanish private classes is just as bad as giving private English classes. With English classes most students burn out by the end of the year and start flaking. It is the same when taking Spanish private lessons. My teacher started to flake/burn out maybe 2-3 months in. At first she made excuses for canceling the day of class (she was in grad school). But then she stopped canceling and even stopped making excuses. I suffered many occasions when I had to convince the roommate to let me in when in the end my teacher had flaked once again. She sent me emails saying she messed up but it kept happening so I just ended it, like she should have done months ago. I really hate the weird passive way some people choose to deal with situations here. If you are not comfortable or able then just end things with your client. We will find other means. I’ve had a few awkward moments of seeing her in metro stations and her veering the other way thinking I didn’t see. What did I do wrong? Is my Spanish that intolerable? Maybe you are better off spending the big chunk of money at an academy where they will always show up and deal with you than trying to save a few bucks with flaky unexperienced private tutors, this can go both ways. Respect each other’s time.


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