Smoking in Airports

vienna airport smokingAustria loves its smokers and smokers love them Austrian smoker booths.

I’ve been cig free for years now but I can sympathize with those who after a 7/9 hour flight can only think of one thing, that next cigarette.  Even as an ex-smoker I was pleasantly surprised to find that in some European airports there are smoking booths for those who need to satisfy the immediate urge.  These booths satisfy the smoker and yet unknowingly benefit the non-smoker because the air is not fully being shared.  Actually, the smoker is getting an enclosed taste of what it is like for a non-smoker on a daily basis (around other smokers).  Whether it affects them or not is open for discussion but I know that this addiction is hard to kick so having a place to smoke immediately after a flight at least helps alter the rage levels of a smoker having to deal with all sorts of airport delays etc..  At many airports in the states you have to wait to have a cigarette until you make your way outside which can take a long time after waiting for baggage etc.

There used to be and maybe still are smoking rooms.  These are gross because all the tar and smoke gets absorbed into the walls and furniture and even for a smoker it can be unbearable to be in an enclosed smoking room with no ventilation.  But these smoking booths, this may be something I can get behind…since smoking may be around forever.


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