February Bulletin Board

heart posterFor February’s English Board display I went a little overboard.  I had one idea after the other and I ended up mushing them all together into one mess of a mural but it was a lot of fun.

First I spent some time with the Infantil English Class, they are soo adorable and really impressed me with how well some of them understood English.  The project was to paint their hands with colors of red, white and pink and make hand prints.  Later I would assemble them into a heart and write a quote as an outline.  I asked one girl if she had already made a hand print and she responded with “no, I did.” I really didn’t think I was going to get a response from this tiny little 3 year old but I was so proud of her.

heartThen I had an idea based off of a video I had seen where parents ask kids what they think love means.  So I went around asking kids from every grade on the playground “what is love?”  I wish I had video taped it.  Here are the responses ( I also added these to the mural) :

-“Love is when a person likes another person and they have an energy in common.” – Valeria, 5th

-“Love is a feeling in the heart.” -Alicia, 5th

-“Love is when they hug you and they love you.  My dad helps me with my homework.”- Natalia, 3rd

-“It’s what you feel when someone likes you.” -Sergio, 5th

-“Love is when you like a person and you spend a lot of time with them.” – Valeria, 4th

-“Love is when you kiss a person and I think they like it.”- Paula, 4th

-“Love is a thought.”- Nico, 3rd

-“Love is a very beautiful word.”- Kenia, 3rd

-“People give presents.”- Jorge, 3rd

-“It’s when a person is very interesting because he’s in love.” -Claudia, 4th

-“Love is love.” -Manuel, 5th

-“You have a date.”- Jorge, 5th

-“Love is when you send letters with kisses and you take them into a corner and discuss your lips.” – Hector, 5th

-“Love is when you have a boyfriend and then you get married.” -Sarah Q, 4th

-“I know my mom loves me because she pinches my cheeks.” – Javier, 5th

-“It’s when one girl likes a boy or a girl.” -Diego S, 5th

-“Love is a feeling you feel when you love someone.” -Alvaro, 4th

-“Love is beautiful.” -Iker, 4th

-“Love is something that happens between two people.” – Eva, 5th

cupidAnd I couldn’t help but include my beloved 3rd grade into the project, so they drew pictures of “love” within a heart cutout.  But since there are 45 of them the mural had a bit too much going on. But all in all the kids loved it, and that’s all that matters.


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