Bathroom Saga

neighborsI hate my landlord. I don’t expect much because landlords are never really likable in my experience but this guy sucks. Aside from the small stuff, we have a bigger problem at our apartment. Actually it is an emergency! Apparently, our shower which has never functioned right from day one and was full of concrete when we moved in, is now leaking into our neighbor below’s apartment. We received a knock on the door very late one night and it was the landlord from the apartment below, he was super nice and understood we were just tenants but obviously wanted the problem solved quickly. So I called our landlord, he was at a club in Ibiza and said he’d call me back; he never did. After multiple emails and many ignored phone calls I ended up calling our landlord from a different number and voila! I got him on the phone, he begrudgingly said he’d send someone over to look at it. This was the longest repair I’ve dealt with in my life mainly because I had to rely on a terrible landlord. In the end it took over a month to fix our shower (old plumbing that was poorly installed). In the meantime we showered at friends’ houses and at the public homeless showers in Embajadores for 50 cents per shower. bathroom hellThe worst part was when they took out the toilet and we had a useless bathroom. But eventually it was fixed after many days of living with the plumber. But to top it all off the owner of our apartment ended up calling us because she couldn’t get a hold of our lazy landlord/rental manager and she asked us to front the plumber the money that her insurance was supposed to cover. At that point I lost it, on top of all the construction we were dealing with pressure from work etc. and family was coming to visit…I never fronted any money, eventually we got a hold of our landlord and he dealt with the payments. But I will never ever work with his company again. If only we had the landlord from downstairs, he was super attentive, called regularly to check in and made house calls, granted he wanted the problem fixed but he was what I’d hope for in a landlord.  I guess better luck next year.
casa de banosI am really thankful that there are public showers in Madrid and I think every city should have them. Madrid keeps them fairly clean (at least the woman’s side) and they are monitored. If you need them they are by the Embajadores metro @ GLORIETA EMBAJADORES, 2


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