Earth Day

lorax bulletin board

truffala trees

For our April English Board I had the 3rd grade write up ways we can help the planet within a Truffala Tree cut-out.  They colored them in all sorts of wild designs and they were very proud of the outcome.

lorax attacked

Unfortunately, some of the little 2nd graders didn’t think too highly of the Lorax and attacked him with pushpins.

On Earth Day I wanted to try my hand at Seed Bombs with the kids; It was easier than I thought and the kids had a blast playing with mud.  I had a breakthrough with one of my students who refuses to speak a word of English in class.  He is one of my more kinesthetic learners and has a hard time in class because many of the lessons are super text oriented and not always structured for different learning styles.  But he had so much fun with this project that now he makes a point of speaking to me in English, he participates in class now and even shows off a little.  I was so amazed at his level of understanding! all this time I thought he was way behind the rest of the class but all he needed was a project that made learning fun.

Sometimes there are teachers that don’t know how to incorporate the auxiliaries into the lessons, some don’t want us around so they don’t acknowledge us, others let us teach the class but with no advanced notice.   There are also teachers whose level of English and teaching style works great and they don’t need much help in the classroom.  So at times being an auxiliar can be frustrating because you may feel a bit useless.  That is why I like to come up with hands on projects for the kids, for the most part the teachers welcome the change and the students will respect you for it; it could make a great impression on their lives.

Seed Bombsseed bomb projectseed bombs

Here is what you need to make Seed Bombs

(portions depend on class size):

-Seeds (wildflowers, herbs, vegetables)

-Good Dirt (potting soil, workable soil and if it has clay even better)

-Clay (powdered); if there is clay in your dirt you won’t need to add more.  I couldn’t find powdered clay so i used moist natural potter’s clay and it worked just fine.


We worked on the Seed Bombs outside.  We gave each student about 2 small cups of dirt, 2 pieces of clay which they broke up into tiny pieces, then some water.  They mixed them all up into palm sized balls then we sprinkled some seeds on them and they mixed them in.

If the ball seems to be falling apart then either add more water or some clay.  If it is too wet then add more dirt and clay.  If you don’t have clay or they are not staying together then wrap each ball in a bit of newspaper.

Let them dry overnight.  I had the kids bring in egg cartons so they could take their seed bombs home.  When they are dry throw them in an ugly lot or plant them in your garden.  If you wrapped them in newspaper then dip them in a little water before you throw them.

Please comment with any seed bomb tips or other earth day activities!


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