Dentist Check-Up

Whenever I am lucky enough to have medical/dental insurance I take total advantage of it.  The last time i had good dental insurance I practically lived at the dentist.  Through this program as an Auxiliare de Conversacion I am eligible for Mapfree basic family insurance.  It has been good to me so far but I haven’t explored all it offers.

But the other day I went to the dentist and boy did it make me miss the good old days when I could afford a good cleaning in the States. You know that feeling, when your mouth is so clean and your teeth so smooth and every bit of your mouth has been scraped clean and is incredibly fresh.  Well, I was expecting to receive the same cleaning that I’m used to in the States but boy was I surprised.

I went off of many recommendations from an auxiliare’s forum; bad move (turns out most of the recs came from those who were wooed by good looks).

The dentist and his assistant were very nice and he even explained a couple words to me in English when necessary, which helped. Granted i was only there for a cleaning; I received a water pick cleaning and a tiny bit of fluoride on my front teeth, nothing more.  I was hoping I would have had a routine xray before even seeing the dentist, as per usual (in the states) but he didn’t even have xray capabilities in his office.  The whole point of this visit was 1. because I have 1 free cleaning at a mapfre dentist annually and 2. because I know I need my wisdom teeth out and was hoping he could xray and have at them right away.  But now I have to make another appointment with a dental hospital associated with his clinic to have my xrays taken to see if they can operate….I miss my old dentist in Oregon.  Unfortunately, medical/dental work in the states costs an arm and a leg, so I’m willing to jump hoops here to get anything done.  Sadly, I know it won’t be as good as the work I’ve had done in the past.  For example, I have a fake tooth, or rather part of a fake tooth from a bad bicycle accident I had years ago. Anyway, this dentist in Madrid was soo awestruck by it he called his colleagues in to marvel over it during my cleaning, which made me feel like I was in a third world country; I expected more from Madrid.

I guess next time I need to shop around and ask more locals who they go to.  However, I am lowering my expectations as I’ve talked to others since then and most say their dental experience in Madrid as been very ho-hum and along the lines of my visit.

If anyone knows of a great dentist in the Madrid area even if he/she doesn’t speak any English PLEASE comment with details.


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