Madrid Pizza

En Guay Si NYC Pizza: this is not NYC pizza but it is tolerable ninja turtle style pizza with a sub par sauce.  We ate it once but I could have done it again (Tom wouldn’t).  And It just wasn’t worth the commute.  However, they got some good reviews and the guys were nice.  They seemed to have a following.

vesuvioPizzería Vesuvio: One of our favorites.  This place can be hit or miss depending on the man making the pizza.  Madrileños seem to love lots of cheese and toppings overflowing their pizza (as I’ve found some west coasterners like too).  But we are all about the plain old well done margarita pie.  Vesuvio has learned to do this well but when it gets busy it can get too cheesy.  Either way this place, the vibe and the people are great.  I love supporting this place.  And to top it off you can order to go from the street and they have awesome mini pie boxes and a margarita pie runs a little over 5 euros.  You can’t beat that really.

Fratelli d’ Italia: the fairly new up and coming pizza joint in the hood of lavapies.  Good Italian pizza made by Italians, can’t really go wrong.  We like to get the margarita to go because we can always pop it in the oven if it is undercooked and it is cheaper than the other pies.  But they have other types of pies and slices, even secilian slices sometimes.  And it is hard to turn down their cannoli and tiramisu.  Fratelli isn’t your regular pizza quickie joint, they also offer Italian meals but I have yet to try one.

I’m a big fan of Fratelli’s and Tom’s a big fan of Vesuvio; either way you can’t really go wrong with these joints when you’re searching desperately for decent pizza in a mal-pizza educated country.

I could name all of the sub-par places we tried, and maybe I will eventually but all you need to know is that these 3 places will get you by if you have the craving.


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