Ballet Nostalgia

Apolo I grew up in a family where all 3 of us girls took ballet classes.  We even dragged my little brother to a few classes because we basically lived at the dance studio.  So when I saw that Giselle was playing at the Teatro Nuevo Apolo by my apartment I had to go.  The theater was old and falling apart a bit but really cool nonetheless.  I sat in the highest section because it was the cheapest but the Anfiteatro isn’t  the best spot to watch a ballet from as you can see all the stage markings and their jumps don’t seem as impressive.  All in all the Classical Russian Ballet company were good, the venue on the other hand wasn’t a good pick as the stage was very small and hollow but I enjoyed it.  If it had been a better venue or a bit cheaper for better seats I would have bought tickets for all three shows; “El Lago de los Cisnes”, “Giselle” y “La Bella Durmiente”.  It reminded me how much I miss dancing.


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