Favorite Tailor in Madrid

tailorIf you need clothes tailored in Madrid, Spain then check out the Taller de Costura at Buenavista,9 in Lavapies.  I love them, they are super sweet.  Their dog can seem ferocious but he is all bark and no bite.  Tip: he doesn’t like it when he can’t see your eyes so take off your sunglasses when you visit, it will calm him down.  I also will occasionally bring him a little treat to get on his good side.

I have had all kinds of work done at this shop and never paid over 10€ for a job.  Plus they are super friendly and help you to feel comfortable practicing your Spanish.

I have never had anything come back badly tailored and when not in a rush most items are ready in 4-7 days.  They can get pretty busy but if you live in the neighborhood it is definitely worth it to check them out.


4 thoughts on “Favorite Tailor in Madrid

  1. Thanks for the info, I was looking at getting something tailored here. Do you know if they have a seamstress as well? (I want to get a dress made, I’d buy the fabric myself.)

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