Renewing the TIE Part 1

I am sticking with the Comunidad de Madrid’s Auxiliares de Conversacion Program for a 2nd year.  The program isn’t so amazing; they still have a lot of kinks to work out if they decide to continue funding bilingual schooling.  However, I am staying in Madrid because I was placed in a school which I have grown to love and for the most part the bilingual program/use of auxiliaries, works at this school.  I don’t know if it is because they have been a bilingual school longer  than others but I have heard some horror stories about other schools and even though I commute an hour outside of Madrid to my school it is worth it for the peace of mind and good teaching experiences I get at my school.  Sometimes I do envy those auxiliaries who were placed in schools in the center of Madrid and who get out at 1pm each day but I have learned a lot from my teachers and students and have even been able to put my teaching skills into practice which is more than some can say for the program.  Anyway, after the Profex renewal process I had to get the process rolling for my TIE renewal.

First, you need to have received your new Carta de Nobramiento for the upcoming school year.  If you don’t have this then you can’t start the process.  I received mine at the beginning of June ( I had reapplied in April).  The time slot you have to apply for TIE renewal is long.  You can apply 60 days before your current TIE expires and up to 90 days after (about 3 months after it expires).  So don’t worry too much because the process is quick once you receive your Carta de Nobramiento.

What you need:

1. Carta de Nobramiento for the upcoming new school year. Plus your past Carta de Nobramiento from last year.  I got away with not having color copies but if you can get color copies they look more official.

2. Two copies of the Renewal application EX-00. (From this link click the pdf file in the top right corner of the page)   On the application, under Prorroga make sure you tick the #3 box: “Titular de autorización estancia por estudios, intercambio de alumnos, investigación/formación, practicas no laborales o voluntariado (art.40)”

3.  Certificado de Aprovechamiento.  A recommendation letter from your school director stating you were awesome throughout the year and they want you back.  The Communidad told us we needed to have a certificado with a date close to the end of our term here, but I just used a copy of the same “informe del centro” that was required for the Profex renewal application which had a date from February on it.  The office of Extranjeros accepted it without a second glance.

3. Tasa 520 (Modelo 790/Codigo 052) only found online.  It is not the same as all the carbon copy Tasa’s we have dealt with in the past.  It is basically the same idea but instead it is 3 forms printed out on normal paper.  The bank keeps one sheet, the communidad another and you the final copy; All must be stamped by the bank.  They usually know what they’re doing.  Just make sure you have filled it out with the correct province #.  For Madrid it is Provincia 28. This year it cost 16,48 euros.

4. A photocopy of your TIE.  Your TIE is your identification card with your NIE number on it.  The photocopy must show both sides of the card.

5. A copy of your passport.  Just the main page with your ID picture.

Where to take your paperwork (you don’t need an appointment):

For fastest turnout head to La Calle García de Paredes, 65 (Metro Gregorio Marañón or Iglesia)

And if you forgot any paperwork or need to change your address then don’t go back to the same place but go to la calle Manuel Luna, 29.

In 3 months’ time I’ll find out if all my paperwork sufficed and if my status is “resolucion favorable”.  If all goes well then part 2 of the saga will commence.


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