Cabo de Gata Tips

If you are planning a trip to the beaches of Cabo de Gata my tips are as follows:
1.    Rent a car.  Although buses do bring you to some of the beaches, the hours aren’t frequent and you will see more with a car.
2.    Stay in Almeria.  This city was a great “home base” because the hostels are affordable and at most it is a 45 minute drive from the furthest beach in Cabo de Gata.
3.    Make your own food.  Stock up at supermarkets, our hotel even had a fridge.  This way you will save money and can treat yourself to a nice dinner one or 2 of the nights you’re in town.
4.    Don’t forget that parking in a parking garage could cost you a pretty penny so look for hostels that offer complimentary parking.  Sometimes staying on the outskirts of a city is worth it for the price.
5.    Go snorkeling! But don’t forget to coat your legs and back with sunscreen, it’s easy to forget how long your backside is exposed to the sun when you’re seeing all kinds of cool things underwater.
6. Relax and enjoy yourself. Soak in the beauty and the tranquility of this preserved coastline.


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