Bike Spokes

So Tom has had some bad luck with his bike wheels since they were last laced.  Every summer we head to Martha’s Vineyard with the intent to bike the whole island and every year multiple spokes break.  You’d think we would learn our lesson and bring some backups with us but we always forget.  Most things on the island are overpriced but Edgartown Bicycles is guilty of highway robbery; they sell one spoke for $4 when you can buy them off the island for $0.50 or less, plus they always try to talk you into letting them respoke your whole wheel for much more.
If something goes wrong with your bike there aren’t many shops you can go to if you just need parts and want to fix it yourself.  Edgartown Bike Shop carries parts and so does Cycle Works @351 State Road- Vineyard Haven (next to Cronigs Market).  The guys at Cycle works are super helpful and friendly and don’t have that “salesman” vibe that Edgartown has.  The prices are lower and they know their stuff.  So if you need a part then go to Cycle Works but if you just need a rental then there are a few shops to choose from.



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