“What Should We Call Auxiliares” Tumblr

Year one as an Auxiliar de Conversación is over.  I am going back for another round but boy is it great to be back home for a bit.

I’ve become really out of touch with new technologies, media etc., I’ve even let my blog slide and I’ve just started to wrap my head around “new” stuff like micro blogging and such.  Actually, I didn’t really understand Tumblr until I stumbled upon this reel about the Auxiliares de Conversación Program in Spain and almost died laughing.  It is pretty dead on and well played. Kudos to whoever made this; If I knew how to maneuver round Tumblr or was a part of the network I could pay better tribute to this person but alas I am behind in the times.  Anyway, check it out if you are in the program, it’ll have you in stitches.

And thank you to whoever made this, it is really incredible.


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