Basque Beaches

A continuation of our end of the season northern beach tour; if we had more time our beach list would be endless.

zarautz  Zarautz where the city meets the sea. We would have loved to rent surfboards if we had time because this was the perfect beach for beginner wave ragers.
Either way we had a great time on the beach. During low tide and high tide it was just as swimmable and the water temperature was so warm for the northern Atlantic during the end of September (we were amazed!). We ended up spending most of the day here because we fell in love.

Next stop was San Sebastiansan sebastian because I heard too many good things about this city. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear that it is almost impossible to venture into with a car. If only I had known it was a bike centric city I would have planned our trip better. I wouldn’t recommend visiting this city with a car unless you travel during the low traffic hours; Bike and bus seem to be the way to go. san sebastianBut we found our way into a parking garage that wasn’t too expensive near the coral beach. We pintxo-ed our way around the city seeking out only the vegetarian pintxos (a vegan would not survive this city) and then found ourselves at the end of the night wading in the ocean towards the island that seems so reachable yet so far away. The water was so warm and refreshing, really the best end to a hot night in the city. Explore the city by night, it’s enchanting.


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